Monday, April 20, 2009


Seves- 6
3 cups-Long grain rice
1 cup-Urudu dal
¼ cup-Parboiled rice
1 tsp-Methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds)

1. Wash the rice,urudu dal and fenugreek seeds .Allow to soak them for min.6 hours.
After they soaked well, drain all the water from the rice.
2. Put this rice, urudu dal and fenugreek into a blender and make a smooth slightly grainy paste.
3. Add a little water to grind easier. The consistency of th batter should be thick( thicker than waffle batter). So be careful while you adding the water.
4. Pour this paste into a large bowl. Note-Do not add salt this time.
5. Keep the dosa batter aside in a warm dark spot covered for 12 hours for fermentation. During cold winters , You can leave the batter overnight in an oven with the light turned on.
6.When the batter is fermented, you can see the batter risen to about twice its level. (Don't forget to use a big bowl for fermentation.)
7.When the batter is fermented , you will see some bubbles.
8.Stir well and add some salt.
9. Heat a large nonstick pan. Spray a very slightly coat with pam or any oil.
10.Take several large tablespoons of the batter into the center of the pan and suing the back or the spoon, spiral the mixture out to the edge of the pan and place on a medium heat.
Drizzle ½ tsp ghee or oil around it and allow it to fry on med heat until its back turns light brown.
11.Flip over and allow for 5 seconds.
12.Serve with Chutney or Sambar!!!!!!


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