Monday, March 2, 2009


Serves 4

1 cup-Diced Chayote squash or Cucumber
1 or 2 -Green chillies
2 tbsp-Grated coconut or 8 oz coconut milk.
1/2tsp-Mustard seeds ( for grinding)
½ tsp-Mustard seeds (for seasoning)
A few-Curry leaves
A few-Whole red chillies
1 cup -Curd or yogurt
To taste-Salt
1 tsp-Oil

*Grind coconut into a paste with ½ tsp mustard seeds.
*Cook the vegetables in a vessel with ½ cup water, green chillies, salt, and a few curry leaves.
(You have to cook the vegetables until they are very soft. )
*When cooked, turn the stove off.
*Immediately after, add coconut paste and curd onto the hot cooked vegetables. Stir very well.
(Do not heat the curry after you add the coconut paste.)
*Season it with mustard, curry leaves, and red chillies.
*Serve with rice and enjoy!

You can use any of your favorite vegetables for this curry.
You can also add a small piece of crushed ginger while you cook the vegetables to give it a different taste.

Do not add yogurt if you are using raw mangoes.


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