Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lentil fritters or Parippuvada

Serves 4

2 cups-Split dry peas
1 medium-Finely chopped onion
2 tsp-Finely chopped Ginger
2 tsp-Finely chopped green chilly
2 sprigs-Curry leaves
½ tsp-Turmeric powder
To taste-Salt
To taste-Red chilly powder
Oil-For frying

*Wash and soak the split peas in water for 1 or 2 hours. Make sure not to oversoak for more than 3 hours.
*Drain peas from the water and grind coarsely in a blender.
*Add all of the chopped ingredients into the grinded beans. Mix well with hands.
*Heat oil in a medium flame.
*Make round patties and fry on a medium heat in oil.
*Serve with ketchup or your favorite sauce!

*You can use 1 cup of urudu dal and 1 cup chana dal ratio instead of 2 cups of split green peas.


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